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Multi-Sport Range

Use the measuring guide for Zima x-back harnesses below as a guideline and measure the neck diameter starting at the point of breastbone and going completely around the neck and back to the point of breastbone, weight is important as is the breed of dog.

Extra Small (30 lbs)

Small (35-40 lbs),

Medium (43-48 lbs),

Large (50-55 lbs),

Extra Large (60-75 lbs),

Extra Extra Large (75-90 lbs),

Fleece and Foam X-Back Range

Please note: The Length of the x-back is based on a measurement taken from the point of the breastbone, through the front legs, up the side of the dog and along to the base of the tail (where the bottom tape of the x-back would sit on the dog) NOT the shoulder to tail measurement.


The following list describes each of our standard sizes:

EXTRA SMALL (XS) for 30 pound dogs with 16" necks and 24" lengths. Padding colour for standard harnesses is grey.

SMALL (S) for light racing dogs in the 35-40 lb range measuring approx 18" in the neck and 25.5" in length. Padding colour is red.

SMALL MEDIUM (SM) for longer bodied and more slender racing dogs in the 40-45 lb range measuring 18" in the neck and about 27" in length. Padding colour is blue.

MEDIUM (M) for dogs, in the 43-48 lb range measuring approx 19" in the neck and 26.5" in length. Padding colour is green.

MEDIUM EXTRA LONG (MXL) for dogs, 45-50 lbs, measuring 19" necks and 27" in length. Padding colour is black.

MEDIUM LARGE (ML) for dogs in the 48-54 lb. range measuring 19" necks and 28" in length. Padding colour is red.

LARGE (L) for dogs with necks measuring 21" and 28" in length weighing 50-55 lbs. Padding colour is blue.

LARGE EXTRA LONG (LXL) for dogs weighing 55-60 lbs measuring approx 21" necks and 29.5" in length. Padding colour is green.

EXTRA LARGE (XL) for dogs measuring 23" necks and 31.5" in length and weighing in the 60-75 lb range. Padding colour is grey.

EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXL) for dogs weighing in at 75-90 lbs and measuring 27" necks with 22.5" long bodies. Padding colour is red.

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXXL) for the biggest dogs, weighing in at 90-120 lbs and measuring approx 31" necks and 34.5" in length. Padding colour is black.